Dr. Ramsay Dass meets with the Honorable Jessica Cooper

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Dr. Ramsay Dass, president of the American Middle East Christians Congress, presented the Honorable Jessica Cooper, Oakland County Prosecutor, with the latest edition of The Untold Story. They discussed its contents and issues related to the American Middle East community.

Dr. Ramsay Dass meets with Cardinal Leonardo Sandri

Cardinal Leonardo Sandri is the Perfect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches since 2007 and the Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Oriental Institute of the Vatican now serving the Holy See and Pope Francis. He is considered one of the top advisors to the Pope.

The Untold Story

By Ramsay F. Dass, MD

The untold story of those whose ancestors were the cradle of civilization, they built the pyramids, the hanging garden of Babylon, the Tower of Nimrod and the civilizing of rules and regulations by Nabght Nossr by the early astrology, math and science.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians are facing genocide.
They are homeless, hungry, sick, and destitute.
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The Middle East Christians are facing challenges, persecution, and genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Middle East Christians have become homeless, alienated and destitute. Their persecution, their loss of civil and civic rights, has become the norm in many Middle East countries.

People of all faiths should be able to live together peacefully, with equal human, civic, and civil rights, and freedom of religion.