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Event: Thursday, October 9th 2014                        6:00 - 8:00pm,

   Sahara Restaurant in 24770 Coolidge Hwy, Oak Park, MI 48237


Benefits: Support continuous Mercy Humanitarian programs for the displaced people in northern Iraq who were forced to emigrate from their homes due to the recent violence. This Mercy Humanitarian program will take the form of sending physicians and medical auxiliary personnel, in addition to medicine, medical equipment, and other basic   necessities of life. It will also bring some patients to the United States for free medical treatment.


RSVP: You MUST RSVP in order to attend. Call 248 546 9100 Talk to Ms. T



By check/cash to AMECC 24601 Coolidge Hwy, Oak Park MI, 48237

By Visa MasterCard or PayPal visit


AMECC is a non- profit tax- exempt 501(c ) (3 ), your contribution is tax deductible.


Any amount, however big or small, will be appreciated. 


Please pass this message to your friends, organizations, and houses of worship.


Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians and other minorities were forced to flee their homes of over 2,000 years of ancestry after having refused to convert, forced to leave everything behind including their homes, wealth, and businesses. Now they are homeless, hungry, sick, and destitute. The church courtyard, schools, and other places are overflowing with the emigre of orphan children, women, and elderly, while others have taken to the mountain as a shelter. Many children have died on their way to a temporary safe haven. They are desperately in need of food, clothing, blankets, and medicine. Your humanitarian and charitable contribution will make a difference in their lives.



Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD

President, American Middle East Christians Congress

Director of Iraq American Christians Endowment Center or

Office: (248) 546-9100 Cell: (248) 763-6006






A preliminary medical, humanitarian, interreligious, inter heritage, NGOs, committee is formed to coordinate donations, fundraising, sponsorship, volunteers and assistants to the following programs 



1. A mercy medical and humanitarian delegation, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, and Para medicals to assist in medical relief to the North of Iraq.

2. A mercy supply of medicine and other basic necessities of life that are needed.



The American Middle East Christians Congress (AMECC) in collaboration with other medical, humanitarian and community organizations is sponsoring medical and humanitarian mercy missions to the north of Iraq to assist hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians, Yazdis and others that have been subjected lately to the acts of violence, genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced emigration, human abuse, crimes against humanity, and religious intolerance.


Many children, pregnant women, elderly people and others are subjected to starvation, malnutrition, diseases, death due to lack of food, medicine, shelter.

AMECC is a non profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt.

PLEASE CONTACT donations, volunteers and get involved.


We are counting on you, members of your congregation, community organizations, and political, social and humanitarian organizations for assistance.   



For further details please visit our website regarding this email


Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD, Coordinator

President, American Middle East Christians Congress

Director of Iraq American Christians Endowment Center or

Office: (248) 546-9100

Cell: (248) 763-6006


An urgent appeal to help Christians persecuted in Iraq

Press Release

Sako elected new Chaldean patriarch

The “conclave” of bishops of the ancient Eastern Church has elected the Archbishop of 

Kirkuk, Louis Sako, as Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans - a pastoral choice which 

aims to bring equilibrium to an area in which Christians are having a particularly tough 





The Chaldean “conclave” held in Rome, has elected the Archbishop of Kirkuk, Luis Sako as the 

new Patriarch of the Chaldean Church, whose official name becomes Louis Raphaël I Sako. and the official website of the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon announced the 

news this morning. The appointment became official when Pope Benedict XVI sent the new 

Patriarch his Ecclesiastical Communio after he passed the required majority of two-thirds of the 

15 voting Bishops. The new 63-year old Chaldean Church leader was born in a village near the 

Iraqi city of Zakho in July 1949 and studied at the Dominican seminary of Mosul. He entered the 

priesthood in 1974 and completed a PhD in Eastern Christian studies in Rome. After a period as 

Rector of Baghdad’s Major Seminary, he was nominated Archbishop of Kirkuk in 2003. 

 Sako is highly esteemed by Benedict XVI. In 2010, the Pope accepted his request to convene a Synod for 

the Middle East.


The selection of the new patriarch is an important one for the future of the Iraqi Church. The 

bishops have chosen a pastoral and moderate figure that is not only focused on the ritualistic 

identity of the Chaldean Church. Sako has never felt any nostalgia for the Sadam Hussein years 

but is not pro-American either. He has also been the bishop of one of the country’s most difficult 

areas, on the border with Kurdistan. A day or so ago, Mgr. Sako launched an appeal through 

Fides news agency for the future of Christians in the Middle East. He defined their future as 

“worrying” “as are certain things that one hears on the Arab Spring by certain leaders." Sako said 

he hoped “for an initiative of the Holy See and the universal Church to mobilize the international 

community in support of Christians in the Middle East,” stating that the "mixture of ethnicities, 

religions and languages" present in the Middle East inevitably leads to tensions and conflicts, 

because in that region of the world "a criterion of citizenship able to integrate everyone, 

regardless of religion or ethnicity they belong has never been established." According to the 

Archbishop, the “disruptive processes now taking place in Iraq - and that in the future may also 

affect Syria - "worsen the situation," because in the voids of institutional power safety is no 

longer guaranteed and open spaces for action concerning criminal and extremist groups.”

"We wonder if it is still possible to think of a harmonious way of living together " the Chaldean 

Archbishop writes, referring to the discrimination suffered by those who do not follow what he 

calls the "State religion".” According to the newly elected Chaldean patriarch, this condition “is 

aggravated by the Middle East strategies put in place by the various geopolitical parties: "The 

international community" writes the Archbishop, with clear reference to the Syrian conflict 

"believes that we can improve the situation by supporting an uncertain program to reach 

democracy through weapons! The result is the clash between armed opposition and a system that 

destroys everything.”

"These churches of apostolic origin - Sako went on to say - deserve adequate support from the 

universal Church in their mission of communion and witness". An "international support, 

favoured by the universal Church, would be a great help to try to ensure a decent life for all." In 

particular, the Holy See is recognized by the Archbishop of the Eastern rite of having a "crucial 

role" to "guarantee Christians the opportunity to live in their country." 

The Chaldean Church’s new shepherd chose the words “authenticity, unity, renewal” as his 

motto. These are the three pillars of his new role. "I feel I have been called to a heavy 

responsibility, and I have a little 'fear," the new Patriarch told Fides news agency. "We are facing 

many difficulties, in the country and even outside the country," said His Exc. Mgr. Sako, "but 

with the help of Christ and the collaboration between the Bishops we will live a unity that will 



allow us to rebuild the Chaldean house. A house that will always be open to other Churches -

starting with our Assyrian brothers - and our Muslim fellow citizens."


Honorable Barack Obama...

Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama,

Historically, the United States of America covertly and overtly has been interfering and meddling in the political life of Iraq and its people, either by supporting or toppling governments, using the diversity of culture, heritage, and religion. In the 1960s, it assisted in toppling the national government headed by Abdel Karim Kassem. In the 1980s, it sided with the Iran/Iraq war. In the 1990s, it created a coalition to destroy Iraq and its infrastructure. In 2003, it toppled the government under the wrong pretense and sponsored multiple governments while destroying the complete infrastructure of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

President George W. Bush did not even know there were Shia and Sunnis in Iraq until two months to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Now, we find in the American media, as well as through politicians and media commentators, speaking loudly about the religious strife between the two sects of the predominantly Islamic religion, but to date, they cannot provide, either on a small scale or large scale, any event that has taken place for the past 1400 years between these two sects. Contrary to what has happened in such countries as India and Pakistan prior to partition or in Nigeria today, I challenge anybody to come forward with such an event. Yes, there was a massacre of the Armenians and Chaldean Christians in the past century. The question is, why are they talking about these divisions in faith? Until the emergence of Khoemeni's revolution in Iran, you would never hear or feel any strife between the Shia and Sunnis. As a matter of fact, they were taking part in every government, including the Ba'ath time.

So now, I believe the truth must be said and America cannot wash its hands of the debacle it has put the Iraqi people in, especially since 2003, which basically resulted in destroying the infrastructure in Iraq, its culture, its cohesion, and the primary community that has paid the highest penalty: the Iraqi Christians and other minorities who were forced to immigrate and emigrate after living peacefully for over 2,000 years. America is morally obligated to help Iraq and Iraqis. It cannot just wash its hands, as did Pontius Pilate, even though he knew that the man condemned to death was innocent, as is now the case with a new wave of forced emigrations and other atrocities.

The Iraqi people have always looked to America as standing for liberty, equality, humanity, and democracy. The Iraqis have tried very hard the path of democracy, and it is in its infancy. Presidents Bush and Obama have implied that America will stand by the Iraqi people to achieve democracy. Now is the time to act to protect them and achieve their goals.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD
President, American Middle East Christians Congress