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Guest commentary: Arab Spring puts religious freedom at risk.

Dec. 27, 2011

Dec. 27, 2011



As American Middle East Christian communities celebrate the Christmas season, they are doing so with anxiety and apprehension about the future of the countries from which many were forced to emigrate, and about the future of Christians and their religion in the Middle East.

It may have been fashionable to call the latest uprising and revolts in the Middle East as an "Arab Spring," but Islamic groups have emerged as powerful, political forces. And the future is unclear as to the shape of the governments that will rule in the Middle East as well as the implications they will have on non-Muslims.



December 27, 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The Middle East Christians have never faced a more challenging, tragic, and troubling time in their existence, and more so since the so-called Arab Spring of 2011.


This may lead to a Middle East without Christianity and the Holy Land without Christians.


The American Middle East Christians Congress has taken up this challenge to bring attention to their plight and their existence and is asking you to assist us personally, organizationally, or collaboratively.


We must not fail. Otherwise, history will condemn us for being inept and not proactive. 

We are open to your suggestions and support in any shape or form that you may deem appropriate to assist us in our vision and mission.


Please let us know how you can help.  

What is the Middle East without Christianity and the Holy Land without Christians?



Ramsay F. Dass, MD



P.S. I have enclosed a copy of the article the Detroit Free Press published on December 27, 2011 entitled "Local commentary: Arab Spring puts religious freedom at risk."


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